Manufacturing companies cannot exclusively rely on franchise distribution to keep their production lines running. Today’s every-changing market has more demanding requests. With a total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, VRG Components’ experienced team is uniquely qualified to fulfill these needs. Our strategic logistics enables us to source and locate even some of the most difficult-to-find and/or obsolete electronic components, including parts with extremely long lead-times from factory.

VRG Components, Inc. is able to fill our customers’ requirements by utilizing our extensive connections to the open market in combination with exclusive inventory from private sources. Superior client satisfaction is provided by our experienced multi-lingual team, who listens to our customers and takes the extra step to fulfill their needs, while delivering at a cost-efficient price.

At VRG Components, Inc. we deliver quality products that undergo a diligent, comprehensive inspection and testing process. Our in-house state-of-the-art testing capabilities in combination with internationally approved third-party test facilities assure our customers that all required and necessary steps are taken to provide test results from recognized and objective industry experts. We ensure consistency with industry standards by researching components and their packaging to verify that the parts have been handled, stored and packaged correctly.