detail of an integrated circuit VRG Components, Inc. is committed to total customer satisfaction founded in a secure quality system. We strive for 100% accuracy on every order we process by utilizing thorough vendor management and inspection processes to remain a leader in today’s distribution environment. VRG Components, Inc. delivers the level of quality our customers expect.VRG Components, Inc. has a strict vendor qualification policy. We evaluate and select vendors based on their ability to supply products in accordance with our quality standards. In addition, VRG Components, Inc. has established detailed criteria for selection, evaluation, and re-evaluation of vendors. Records are retained, and evaluations results and any necessary corrective actions arising from the evaluations, are routinely consulted in order to prevent the acquisition of counterfeit, suspect, and/or unapproved products.

All parts are guaranteed and tested both in-house and by our ISO 9001 certified third-party testing facilities, where our multi-level testing protocol includes: Visual Inspection, Physical Test Inspection, and Functionality Tests.