Quality Quantified

VRG Components has many years of experience in serving the electronics supply chain, and understands the challenges you have in consistently finding quality throughout the process.  Because of this, our entire process is based upon quality, reliability, and the constant improvement of our process.  We do all of this to provide you with peace of mind in working with us.

We have dedicated quality personnel on staff, whose primary responsibility it is to ensure we are hitting every possible quality standard our customers expect.

All VRG sources undergo a stringent vetting process to work with us.  We’re just as strict when it comes to our testing standards, engaging in only the highest-quality component testing from reputable testing organizations.

Did you know we are ISO 9001:2015 certified?

The International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, is one of the most rigorous standards organizations in the world.  The ISO certification process assists companies in developing a management system that aligns quality with their wider business strategy, and focuses on risk-based thinking and accountability in their organizational processes. 

VRG became ISO 9001:2015 certified in 2020. Our decision to pursue this accreditation demonstrates our commitment to providing high quality electronic components to you as our customer.

“Achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification is the culmination of many months of meaningful work. It demonstrates our commitment to ensuring quality and providing the best possible service to our customers around the world. In the competitive global economy, we feel that this commitment to quality and continuous improvement is essential to building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers and suppliers.” 

~ Verena Martin, CEO, VRG Components

VRG ISO 9001 2015 Certificate of Registration

VRG ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Registration

Customer-centric Quality Policy

We strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services, while continually improving our Quality Management System.

Our customers depend on us because we:

  • Provide components when no one else can
  • Are easy to do business with
  • Provide value by delivering the highest quality components with the best value
  • Have an unmatched supply network of meticulously vetted suppliers
  • Offer the highest quality component testing from reputable testing organizations

Above all else, VRG is completely committed to customer satisfaction, has a quality management system in place and has earned an ISO 9001:2015 certification. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 is the most updated standard of its kind and focuses on quality management systems and performance. Led by our tenured Quality Assurance Manager, we have structured every process throughout the organization to meet this demanding standard. This significant undertaking decidedly sets us apart.