Find Aero-Electric Connector Components

Conesys/Aero-Electric Connector is a first-rate designer and cost competitive manufacturer of high-performance environmental and firewall-rated cylindrical connectors machined from aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum nickel bronze.  Conesys/J-Tech specializes in front and rear release 5015 connectors as well as customer-specific applications for customized connectors and fiber optic assemblies.  Conesys/EMP Connectors designs and manufactures EMI filter and EMP transient suppression devices. Conesys Europe markets and assembles products for Aero-Electric, J-Tech, and EMP.  Conesys/Aero Industrial Products sells and manufactures connectors and cable assemblies intended for the industrial marketplace.

Conesys/Aero-Electric connectors are widely used in all types of applications spanning markets such as Aerospace, Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Aircraft Engines, Marine Applications, Heavy Equipment, Rail Mass Transit, Geophysical, Machine Automation/Motion Control, Medical Equipment, General Industrial, and Telecommunications.

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