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Kontron is a prominent player in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), positioning itself as a global leader. As a part of the technology group S&T, Kontron offers a diverse portfolio of secure hardware, middleware, and services tailored for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. With a commitment to delivering innovative and secure solutions, Kontron aims to provide its customers with accelerated time-to-market, reduced total cost of ownership, product longevity, and fully integrated applications.

Kontron’s Core Competencies

Embedded Computing Technology by Kontron

Kontron specializes in the design and manufacturing of embedded computing technology, including modules and boards. These components are crucial for integration into various systems and devices, catering to the specific requirements of diverse industries.

Kontron: Application-Ready Platforms

The company offers application-ready platforms, providing pre-configured systems with a combination of hardware and software. These platforms are designed to streamline deployment and address the unique needs of specific use cases.

Kontron’s Secure Hardware and Middleware

Kontron places a strong emphasis on security, incorporating secure hardware components into its solutions. Additionally, the provision of middleware suggests a focus on software layers that facilitate communication and integration between hardware and applications.

IoT and Industry 4.0 Solutions by Kontron

Kontron’s expertise extends to the development of solutions aligned with the requirements of IoT and Industry 4.0. This involves creating products that support connectivity, data processing, and automation for modern industrial applications.

Kontron’s Corporate Structure

Kontron operates as part of the technology group S&T, indicating potential collaborative efforts within the larger corporate structure. The association with S&T may contribute to synergies and a comprehensive approach to technology solutions.

Kontron’s Customer Benefits:

Customers partnering with Kontron can expect various benefits, including:

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market: Kontron assists customers in bringing their products to market faster.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: Solutions are designed to minimize overall costs for customers.
  • Product Longevity: Kontron ensures that its solutions have a lasting impact, promoting the longevity of products.
  • Fully Integrated Applications: Customers benefit from seamlessly integrated applications that provide holistic and efficient solutions.

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Kontron Components

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