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AVX acquired Kyocera in March, 2020.

Kyocera Electronic Components & Devices provides a variety of products for a wide range of applications such as telecommunications, digital electronics, computers, automobiles, industrial and aerospace.  As a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic passive and interconnect products, Kyocera offers a broad range of components, including capacitors, SAW devices, crystal devices, power devices, and connectors.

Kyocera Display is a world leader in manufacturing Liquid Crystal Displays for an expanding line of products that ranges from instruments to handheld equipment to automotive displays. Tapping a new technology called Feed Forward Driving (FFD™), Kyocera has developed a line of TFT LCDs that displays fast-changing images and text with increased clarity. FFD technology, in the form of an ASIC that also houses frame memory and a look-up table, serves to greatly accelerate the frame-to-frame process and to eliminate the problem of slow intra-grayscale response times associated with TFT LCDs.

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