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Lutronic Corporation, established for international operations in 2016, stands as a key player in the automation industry. Specializing in actuator/sensor wiring solutions, the company has expanded its expertise to include connectivity solutions, LED lights, and feeding systems for machinery. As a sister company of the renowned Lumberg Group, Lutronic brings forward innovative and customized solutions to cater to the evolving needs of equipment manufacturers globally.

Lutronic’s Connectivity Solutions

Lutronic’s core competency lies in the development and distribution of high-quality M8 and M12 circular connectors for signal, data, and power applications. Building on the global standard set by the Lumberg Group with the M12 circular connector, Lutronic focuses on delivering tailored solutions to equipment manufacturers, addressing specific demands for quality and competitive pricing.

Actuator/Sensor Wiring Solutions

The company offers a diverse range of actuator/sensor wires featuring A-coded connectors, M8/M12 threaded joints, and IP67 or IP65 ratings. With configurations ranging from one-sided to two-sided, and options for overmolded connectors with LED indicators, Lutronic’s customizable solutions cater to the unique requirements of equipment manufacturers in the automation industry.

Lutronic’s Passive Distribution Boxes

Lutronic produces passive M8/M12 actuator/sensor distribution boxes equipped with LED indicators. These boxes come in various port configurations (4, 8, or 10-port) for M8, all with IP67 ratings. The inclusion of LED indicators enhances adaptability, providing visibility and control in different automation setups.

LED Lights for Mechanical Engineering

In addition to connectivity solutions, Lutronic offers high-performance LED lights designed for mechanical engineering applications. Manufactured in Germany, these lights boast solid aluminum casings, frosted tempered glass, and M8 connectors. The range of performance levels available reflects Lutronic’s commitment to providing versatile lighting solutions suitable for various mechanical engineering needs.

Feeding Systems for Machinery by Lutronic

Lutronic has expanded its product range to include feeding systems for machinery and equipment. This includes spiral and linear vibratory feeders, centrifugal feeders, bulk hopper conveyors, reel decoilers, and corresponding belt conveyors. The focus on precision, speed, and a diverse range of feeding systems highlights Lutronic’s expertise in the business unit of mechanical engineering.

Lutronic’s Global Reach

Lutronic’s presence in Europe, North America, China, and Singapore positions the company to serve an internationally-operating clientele. This global reach underscores their commitment to providing support and solutions on a worldwide scale, reinforcing their standing as a competitive player in the automation industry.

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Lutronic Components

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