Find Teledyne Relays Components

Teledyne Relays is an innovative leader in manufacturing ultra-miniature hermetically sealed switching products.  It meets wide-ranging requirements for the aerospace market, covering frequencies from 10MHz to 40GHz, and signal integrity up to 40Gbps, also offering high-performance solutions for industrial, professional, commercial, and medical switching applications.  Teledyne has certifications for AS/EN/JISQ9100:2009 (REV C), ISO 9001/2008, DSCC MIL-STD-790, and Boeing D6-82479.

Teledyne Relays’ comprehensive product line includes:
• Electromechanical Relays:  DC-18GHz bandwidth, 40Gbps signal integrity
• Coaxial Switches:  DC-40GHz SPDT and Multi-throw switches, DC-37GHz Transfer Switches
• Industrial Solid State Relays:  DC, Single, Dual, and 3-Phase AC, Motor Controllers
• Active RF Switches:  Indium Phosphide, highly compact, low insertion loss, very fast switching
• RF Switch Matrices
• Space / Hi-Rel Switches & Relays
• Custom Solutions

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